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Registered NDIS Provider 2020

NDIS SIL Accommodation

Supported Independent Living Accommodation Options to Build Skills and Self-Reliance

The Sanctuary offers luxurious, high-quality Supported Independent Living (SIL) accommodation, specifically designed to meet the day-to-day personal support needs of people living with disabilities.

Our independent dwellings have been thoughtfully designed and built to be fully accessible, with each dwelling offering several spacious and private suites, with plenty of open space, well-appointed facilities, and room for a carer, to cater to a range of mobility and support needs.

What is Supported Independent Living?

The Australian Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides people living with disabilities with the information and assistance they require to access the supports and services they need, to allow them to live more independently, achieve their goals and objectives, and live their lives to the fullest. One such funded support option is Supported Independent Living, also known as SIL.

Supported Independent Living is a type of paid personal support that is best suited to people with a disability who have higher support needs and require a significant amount of assistance or supervision from a disability support worker every day, including overnight support, to complete daily tasks, build skills, and achieve current and future home and living goals.

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Supported Independent Living – suitability and funding explained

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an accommodation option that is typically available to eligible NDIS participants who live in shared housing with other NDIS participants and where supports are shared between participants.

Who is SIL suitable for?

SIL is generally considered suitable for NDIS participants who require:

  • high intensity supports from specialised staff, relevant to their complex needs.
  • active overnight supports from a disability support worker.
  • irregular SIL supports, to provide additional, unplanned support in the event of unexpected situations that fall outside of the participant’s NDIS plan – e.g., if the participant becomes ill, or their regular support (such as a day program) is cancelled.

How does SIL funding work?

The NDIS will consider several factors when determining whether to fund Supported Independent Living and deciding on the amount of SIL funding to include in the person’s NDIS plan, such as the amount of support the person needs on a daily basis, and whether the proposed supports are deemed reasonable and necessary and meet NDIS funding criteria.

SIL funding is not linked to a specific provider or service, nor is it dependent upon a provider-determined support model. Eligible NDIS participants can select their own provider, and work with their provider to determine the supports that will be delivered within their funding budget.

How do you find out if you are eligible to access SIL funding?

To apply for NDIS funding for SIL, you must be eligible to access the NDIS. If you feel that SIL is best option for your support needs, you can apply for NDIS funding by completing the online Home and Living Supports Request Form, or by providing the necessary information directly to the NDIS.

Check the NDIS website for more information on eligibility requirements for Supported Independent Living, to assist you in deciding whether SIL is an appropriate support option for you, and to help you work out what information is required prior to having a discussion with the NDIS and your support coordinator about your support needs.

Registered NDIS Provider

The Sanctuary Tingira Heights is one of the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle regions’ foremost NDIS-registered providers of luxurious yet affordable Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation services, as well as Short-Term and Medium-Term (Transitional) Accommodation.

Situated close to the shores of Lake Macquarie –one of the most beautiful locations in our region – The Sanctuary is a locally-owned and operated business, committed to serving our community and helping people living with disability to live their best lives.

Alternatively, if you have not yet applied for NDIS, our staff are more than happy to provide information and contacts to assist you in this process.

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The Sanctuary is a locally owned and operated, experienced NDIS service provider with modern accommodation in a scenic setting. Located in Tingira Heights, our estate is nestled in light bushland and beautifully kept gardens without giving up the convenience of the several city hubs and services surrounding it on all sides.

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